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Who is eligible for the cardiac CT course?

This course is primarily for doctors in radiology, cardiology and nuclear medicine (either trainees or fully qualified), as it aims to prepare them for level two training. However, any doctor who wishes to learn more about cardiac CT can attend the course. Specialist grade doctors in these fields can also attend. The course is not intended for radiographers.

Is prior knowledge of CT required for this course?

Although useful, it is not mandatory to have prior CT knowledge. Only an open mind and willingness to learn is required. The course takes the participant from the basics of CT to advanced understanding of post-processing and interpretation of cardiac CT.

Can this course be done as just Level 1?

No, one would need to do the whole course. However, as this is a combined Level 1 and 2 course, previous Level 1 training is not required. If you already have level 1 training, you would still have to go through the full course.

Which workstation/ software is used to provide training?

We currently use TeraRecon software to provide the training. This is an advanced post-processing software for Cardiac CT and best suitable for teaching purpose. The techniques for image interpretation taught in the course can be adopted on most similar new software by other vendors. Two participants share one workstation with a combination a radiologist and a cardiologist (as much as possible) in order to facilitate improved learning from each other.

Does the course provide BSCI / SCCT level 2 certification?

BSCI / SCCT certification is not directly provided by any course. Once you have completed the six-day course, you will be provided with the course certificate along with a log of cases to include:

  • 20 hours of didactic lectures
  • Performance of supervised mentored interpretation of 150 cases of cardiac CT (including 50 non-contrast CT)
  • Viewing 25 live recorded cases

After the course, you would have to visit a CT department locally or come to Harefield Hospital or Imperial College to participate in performance and reporting of 25 live cases (called on-site training), which isn't provided during the course itself (which is not provided by most such courses). The process of applying and obtaining BSCI or SCCT level two certification would be explained during the course.

Can I commute to the course venue?

Although you can easily commute to the course venue, the course is very intensive mostly starting at 8am and ending 6pm. It is advisable that you stay at the venue itself or close by. We have negotiated a suitable tariff for accommodation with the venue. 

What resources are available to learn more about cardiac CT?

About 6 weeks before the course, you will be provided with a link to the course on-line lectures, some of which are mandatory to view and pass before attending the course. You can view previous course lectures on by registering on the website free of charge. When you attend the course, you will be provided with a comprehensive course manual and permanent link to a resource folder.

Is the course recognised for CPD?

Attendance to the full 6-days of the course is recognised for 46 CPD credits by the Royal College of Radiologists in accordance with their guidelines and this should be recognised by any accredited national or international body. You can check further about RCR guidance on this link.

Can I apply for CBCCT exam after the course?

After completing the course and 25 live cases, you would be able to apply for SCCT Level 2 certification in cardiac CT. For CBCCT exam, there are some other criteria also which you find on their website It is your responsibility to meet these eligibility criteria.

How can I find out more information about the course?

Please express your interest by completing the registration. An information pack will be sent to you along with relevant fees.