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Course Fees & Registration

The course fees depend upon your status as a trainee or a fully qualified specialist (Cardiologist or Radiologist or other specialist).

To be eligible for trainee fees you would have to be currently in a training post of at least one year and provide a letter of your trainee status from your hospital. A letter would also be required for those who are employed in UK NHS at Staff grade/ specialist doctor/ associate specialist posts to avail of discounted fees. Your job status would be reflected on the badge and course certificate. Trainees in formal posts at Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust and Imperial College NHS Trust will be eligible for further discounted fees. 

Next course dates:

*14th (Sunday) to 19th (Friday) March, 2021 (six days) - ONLINE (VIRTUAL) COURSE

**2nd (Sunday) to 7th May (Friday) 2021 (six days) - IN-PERSON COURSE

*Subject to technical requirements being met to satisfaction.

**Please note that the course can be canceled due to uncertainties arising from COVID-19 related restrictions. However, we will inform you of any changes. 

We are still trying out the online virtual course and the experience may not be the same as an in-person course. However, the course content, training requirements, and certification will be the same.

For applicable fees and detailed course program, please register your interest on the form below:

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