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  • Next UK Cardiac CT Course:

    Dates: 15th July - 20th July 2018

    Location: Near London & Heathrow, UK

    see Fees page for more information


  • Next UK Cardiac CT Course:

    Dates: 15th July - 20th July 2018

    Location: Near London & Heathrow, UK

    Fees: see Fees page for more information


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UK Cardiac CT Course

Combined level 1 and 2 course

15th July (Sunday) to 20th July (Friday) 2018 (six days) - Please express your interest (only 2 places remaining)

4th November (Sunday) to 20th November (Friday) 2018 (six days) - Please express your interest 

We have been successfully hosting Cardiac CT courses since 2004 and a combined level 1 and 2 course in the current format since 2010 (previously called Harefield Cardiac CT Course).

These courses have been well attended with participation from radiologists and cardiologists from all over UK and abroad. Doctors from other related professions such as nuclear medicine and cardiac surgery have also participated in the course to obtain better understanding of cardiac CT.

This is an intensive 6-day course with the aim of providing understanding of the various steps involved in acquisition of cardiac CT, optimisation of radiation dose and image quality, and learning a systematic way to review, post-process and interpret Cardiac CT including both CT calcium scoring and CT cardiac angiography. The course uses either Vitrea (by Vital Images) or TeraRecon (being used from July 2018 course) software for hands-on training, but the methodology taught can be adopted to any modern advanced post-processing software. This course is not for radiographers or those wishing to do ONLY Level 1 training. For further information, please visit the FAQ section.

Some of the main features of this course are:

  • 20 hours of lectures relevant to the understanding and practice of cardiac CT delivered by Cardiac Radiologists, Cardiologists, Cardiac surgeons, Physicists, and Cardiac Radiographers. Begining with July 2018 course, some of the basic lectures have been put together on-line which participants are required to complete before the course to allow more time for hands-on training.
  • Hands-on training on 150 cardiac CT angiography and 50 calcium scoring cases (as recommended by the British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (BSCI) and Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography / American Heart Association (SCCT/AHA) for level 2 certification). As the course is over six days, ample time is provided for going through cases under expert supervision (other courses offers this over four to five days).
  • Extensive correlation with catheter and other imaging techniques.
  • Live recorded cases (25) of actual scans being performed.
  • Hands-on training delivered by an advanced level 3 cardiac CT practitioners with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of cardiac imaging in a multi-modality environment in a tertiary cardiothoracic centre.
  • The course is accredited by SCCT for level 1 and 2 training, and provides 46 CPD/ CME credits in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR).

This course is NOT for those wishing to do only level 1 training.

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