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2017 October

Matthew Burgess, Radiology SPR, University Hospital of North Midlands, England

Extremely well organised and delivered. The quality of the lectures, lecturers, course materials, cases and venue more than justify the course fee.

Joshua Camomot, Consultant Cardiologist, Philippines

This is my first time to attend a cardiac CT course and I think it's very good. I came in a bit cynical thinking how can I possibly learn cardiac CT in a week. And it turned out very good and I'm happy about it. I talked with other participants who have attended 3 or 4 cardiac CT courses in the past and they say this is the best course they've attended by far. Couldn't agree more. Thank you!

Abid Ullah, Cardiology SPR, Manchester Royal Infirmary, England

Well organised.

Athina Chasapi,  Clinical Fellow in Echocardiography, Hammersmith Hospital, London

The course was really interesting and to the point! Dr Mittal put a lot of effort into it and it definitely met my needs! It is quite expensive though, especially for those who are not getting funded by their hospitals.

Response: These courses are unfortunately expensive to run. For a similar cost (£2000), other courses in UK are for 4 days. In USA, the level 2 courses cost between $6000 to $8000. If we were to run the course in London, it would increase the cost of the course and most delegates coming from outside London would find it much more expensive to stay as well. It is thus all about getting the right balance. This course provides best value of money but most importantly the best training in cardiac CT that you can obtain in 6-days! Please see another perspective below.

Dr Myagerimath, Consultant Cardiologist, South Tyneside Hospital NHS Trust, England

It was a very good hand on experience, and would recommend other to attend. An advance 2-days course for level 2 trained doctors would be helpful.

Yun Yun Go, Consultant Cardiologist, CHU Sart Tilman, Liege, Belgium

Useful Course!

Dr Abdallah, Consultant Physician, Ireland

The overall conduct, quality and performance in this course is excellent and its a highly recommended course.

Thomas Trunggal, Consultant Cardiologist, Hong Kong

Excellent course, wide variety of cases with lots of hands on and very detailed explanation by the tutors.

Chary Duraikannu, Consultant Radiologist, Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust, England

The course gives a excellent insight about the role and application of cardiac CT in clinical scenario.

Maria Luisa Tan, Consultant Radiologist, Philippines

Overall quality is excellent, course was very informative and inspiring that we can hopefully bring this to our centre.

Dr Elrefaey, Cardiologist, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Excellent presentation and very useful course for cardiac CT . Many thanks to Dr. Tarun and Dr. Mini.

Charalampos Papadopoulos, Cardiologist, Birmingham

I am very satisfied with the organisation and overall conduct of the course.

Dr Usman, Consultant Radiologist, Blackpool Victoria Teaching Hospital, England

I really enjoyed this course. It sharpened my reflexes about cardiac and coronary findings.

Lal Hussain Mughal, Cardiology fellow, Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, England

Very well organized the course, excellent lectures/presentations and plenty hands-on practice.

Berry Olsson, Consultant Radiologist, Helsingborg General Hospital, Sweden

Very good course. Sometimes I would have appreciated if the lecturer had repeated questions or answers from the audience when there were no microphone.

Response: I agree Berry and surely will try to improve on that.

2017 May

Kristoffer Järlevi, Radiology trainee, Stockholm, Sweden

Excellent course. Even though the course material is superb, it would have been nice to also get a book for reference and further in depth study.

Response: Thanks Kristoffer. I have added a list of books in the online course folder for everyone.

Akmal Hakim ARSHAD, Cardiology Imaging Fellow, Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK

I cannot praise this course enough. I totally recommend this course to all who are in cardiac imaging fraternity regardless of their modality of interest.

Mohamed Ali Salah, Cardiologist, International Medical Centre, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

It was one of the best and well prepared courses, materials and work stations were perfect.

Michail Papitsas, Specialist Cardiology, King’s College Hospital, London, UK

Very well organised and intense course meeting the teaching objectives. It is worth the time, money and effort.

Azarisman Shah Mohd Shah, International Islamic University Medical Centre, Kuantan, Malaysia


Chih Wong, Cardiology trainee, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Scotland

Great course. Learnt lots.

Sheref Mohamed Zaghloul, Cardiologist, International Medical Centre, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Very very good and beneficial course. Before I had no idea about CT but know at least 70 % of data I collected easily in 6 days.

Vanessa Posdziech, Cardiology Imaging Fellow, Imperial College NHS Trust, London, UK

This was an overall excellent course and I learnt an incredible amount. A particular strong point of the course is the continuous participation on the work stations. It was useful that two participants worked together so that there is constant interaction and feedback. There was a great mix of cases and everything was very well presented. The best course I have ever attended with real added value. Dr Mittal was very thorough throughout the course and showed great concern regarding the learning of the participants. I also enjoyed Mini Pakkal’s contributions very much. Great thanks for the website and all the additional information that we received. It was a very good venue and we were surely fed very well. The course dinners were a great opportunity to get to know this interesting mix of people from all over the world. I have only a few suggestions to make regarding the course manual. - The order of the slides changed between the lectures from left-right to top-bottom. It would be helpful to keep one order to support future reading of the manual. - Whenever there are slides with animation (where pictures where added) the printed version only showed the last version – e.g. Mini Pakkal’s talk on coronary artery anomalies slides “ALCAPA”, “Interarterial course” and “ABCD”. It’s a very nice feature during the talk but it’s a shame to miss out on the images in the manual. - Would it be possible to have a list of abbreviation either at the beginning of the manual or at the end of each talk? Abbreviations make the slides less crowded and easier to read but the reader of the manual may get stuck. - It would be nice to have at least once a change of partners during the course. This would allow us to get to know other people and their reporting style. Not sure whether this would work while asking the participants in order – I feature I rather liked as it kept us on our toes without being too stressful and distractive Thanks again for this fabulous course!

Response: Vanessa, thanks for your appreciation and suggestions. I would attempt to incorporate them for the next courses.

Ana Garcia Campos, Cardiology Imaging Fellow, Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK

Excellent. Exceeded my expectations.

Garbriella Captur, Cardiology Imaging Fellow, Barts Hospital, London, UK

Dear Dr Mittal and the rest of the organising committee, thank you for providing us with the opportunity to attend such an excellent course (some of us at short notice). Your enthusiasm for the specialty is palpable and contagious. The course has changed my unlearned perception of cardiac CT - I am keen now to embrace this an imaging sub-speciality to complement cardiac MR, perhaps even trump it. Thanks to UK CCT, I have discovered a new and fascinating peephole into the human heart of images perfectly registered and of pristine resolution. Thank you for giving us trainees this wonderful learning opportunity and I hope this course may continue to grow and succeed, nationally and internationally, under your inspiring leadership for many years to come.

Dr. Zsolt Szigeti, Consultant Cardiologist, Budapest, Hungary

It was a perfect course, it reached the goal which I was going for.

Ahmed Al-Khayfawee, Radiology Trainee, UCLH, London, UK

It is an excellent course.

Anna Parisiadou, Specialist Cardiology, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, UK

The course was overall excellent. My only points would be that was very intensive, especially the day when stents and grafts were presented. You could consider dedicate two days, as both are used in daily practice. Congratulations!

Response: Anna, thanks for your suggestions. It would be good to that but will require more time or reducing time on other aspects. I consider this as a ‘basic’ level 2 course with a taste to more advance topics.

Fredrik Karlefors, Consultant Radiologist, Helsingborg, Sweden

Most satisfied overall! Personally, I think in a lecture format the need for a lot of references to convince the audience is unnecessary - it will more distract from the real message with all diagrams and curves. It´s very nice to see that it has a real scientific approach and sometimes add some value, but it can also obscure, which I sometimes experienced. Thank you for an overall learning course and for the big enthusiasm from the faculty, especially Dr Mittal.

Response: Fredrik, I understand your concern. However, it is essential for those training to have competency at Level 2 are also familiar with the scientific evidence.

Jeremy Butts, Consultant Cardiologist, Calderdale Royal Hospital, UK

Excellent course. Comprehensive list of cases with good lectures

Dennis Rooker, Cardiology trainee, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I already mentioned my general comments before. It was a great course which I enjoyed very much. It's very well structured and gave a good walkthrough for cardiac CT. I did this course on the recommendation of one of our consultants. Two comments: - I would prefer a bit of a faster pace during the hands-on cases. Less time between your review of the scan and the discussion. - More use of the quiz app during some hands-on cases. It's improves your attention span due to the interaction.

Response: Dennis, thanks for your suggestions. The pace is kept with everyone in mind and unfortunately, to suite the slower participants. One can certainly try to use the quiz app more often.

Amir Shahzad Anwar, Cardiology trainee, Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK

Excellent and highly recommended course. Thanks for the organizers.

Mudassar Baig, Consultant Cardiologist, Sunderland Royal Hospital, UK

Excellent course both for the new starters as well as for experienced trainees/specialists.

Sameera Mohamed ali, Specialist Registrar in Cardiology, Dubai, UAE

This was an Excellent course and has helped in understanding cardiac CT in depth. The hands-on training and the discussion following each case was helpful. Hope to have similar courses in other aspects of cardiac imaging.

Antonio de Marvao, Cardiology Imaging Fellow, Imperial College NHS Trust, London, UK

This course is excellent and the best I have attended during my training as a Cardiologist. It provided me with the knowledge and skills to improve my practice in CT and also in intervention and other imaging modalities. Highly recommended.

Maria Boutsikou, Cardiology Imaging Fellow, Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK

Excellent organisation of the course. However, conference venue is not easily accessible by public transport.

Aye Thida Hline, Consultant Cardiologist, Queens Hospital, Essex, UK

It is an excellent course. Dr Mittal has put a great effort to run the course efficiently and also deliver a high standard of learning activities. He makes sure everyone is actively involved in discussion and creates an enjoyable and memorable event.

Gabija Pundziute-do Prado, Consultant Cardiologist, University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands

A very good course with minor imperfections. Many compliments to dr. Mittal who is a very dedicated and qualified teacher.

Sabir Abdul Karim, Specialist Cardiology, University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, UK

Superb. Well organised. Very useful.

Ahmad Farhan Abdul Hamid, Cardiology trainee, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London, UK


Ana Garcia Campos, Cardiology Imaging Fellow, Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK

Very intense but provides extensive basic knowledge.

Marc Hinterberger, Consultant Radiologist, Schwerzenbach, Switzerland

The course is way too expensive. For this money I would at least have expected to have the case discussions in smaller groups (max. 8 people per group). Next time hand out a printed out evaluation form at the beginning of the course so as to evaluate in a live manner. Some speakers I could hardly remember well at the end of the week now.

Response: I can understand that the course may seem expensive. However, there are large expenses involved in organising such hands-on courses. Also, this course is less than half the cost compared to similar courses in USA. Unfortunately, everyone is moving towards on-line feedback. Yes, I can ask participants to start writing down comments for each lecture on the manual itself from the very start.

Gaby Captur, Cardiology Imaging Fellow, Barts Hospital, London, UK

Sincere thanks to Dr Mittal - a great inspiration for any aspiring cardiac imaging cardiology trainee. Your commitment and enthusiasm for the field are contagious and career shaping for trainees. Thank you for so generously sharing your CT knowledge base and decades of experience with us in such a short space of time - I am immeasurably grateful.

Dr Edney Boston-Griffiths, Cardiology trainee, Basildon Hospital, UK

The quality of the course can only be described as excellent.

Matthew Barrett, Cardiology trainee, St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Excellent overall course. Would highly recommend.

Kaes Al-Anee, Consultant Cardiologist, Al Noor Hospital, UAE

Good, informative and comprehensive

Neil Ruparelia, Cardiology Fellow, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK

Excellent course, all learning objective achieved

Bruno Loeprich, Consultant Cardiologist, German Heart Institute Berlin

Highly advisable, would book again.

2016 November

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